Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo Confront Viral TikTok Video Side by Side

Celebrity couple Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo spoke out about a viral video showing the champion surfer with a female content creator. In a recent interview with Boy Abunda, Philmar explained that he was simply talking to the girl and nothing more.

Andi shared that when she saw the video, she laughed it off and didn’t pay much attention to it. However, she was bothered when she found out that the person in the video had posted it intentionally.

Despite the speculation from others, Andi trusts Philmar and believes that he can do whatever he wants. She emphasized that they have a strong level of trust in their relationship.

The couple’s statements come in response to the circulating video, which sparked controversy online. Andi Eigenmann also called out the viral video as “shameful” in a related statement.

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