Aghon’s attempt to increase the water level of Magat Dam in Isabela falls short

Typhoon Aghon fails to raise water level at Magat Dam despite heavy rains

Despite the heavy rains brought by Typhoon Aghon (international name: Ewiniar), the water level at Magat Dam in Ramon, Isabela, did not increase. Gileu Michael Dimoloy, department manager of the National Irrigation Administration-Magat River Integrated Irrigation System, reported that the reservoir’s level had actually decreased to 176.61 meters above sea level.

The inflow at the dam was measured at 55.93 cubic meters per second, while the outflow for irrigation purposes was 131 cubic meters per second. Due to the minimal inflow, irrigation supply to certain areas might be delayed.

Local farmers in the region expressed disappointment over the minimal rainfall brought by Typhoon Aghon, with one farmer, Rodel Lachica, highlighting that the rain had not even soaked the fields.

This situation has raised concerns among agricultural communities in the area, as they rely on the dam for irrigation during the planting season. Despite the typhoon, the water level at Magat Dam remains a point of concern for both authorities and local farmers.

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