aespa faces strong criticism from HYBE chairman Bang Si-hyuk

SM Entertainment girl group aespa made headlines today at a press conference in Seoul, where they addressed controversial remarks made by HYBE Chairman Bang Si-hyuk. The group revealed that they were unfazed by the comments and were focused on their upcoming album release.

During the conference, Karina, a member of aespa, stated, “We know about the issue and people around us have been telling us about it. But because we had our first full-length studio album coming up, we were so focused on preparing for the album only.”

Last month, ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin shared phone messages with Bang, where he suggested creating a girl band that could “crush” aespa. This led to speculation about tensions between aespa and NewJeans, a group recently debuted by Min.

Despite the controversy, aespa assured that they have a good relationship with NewJeans. Karina mentioned, “NewJeans and we are good companions. We recently met them at one of the television music show’s waiting rooms. We showed (hand) hearts to each other. There is nothing to worry about.”

aespa’s latest single, “Supernova,” has already claimed the top spot on both the Melon Top 100 Chart and Hanteo Digital Chart. This success comes as the group released their first studio album, “Armageddon,” featuring 10 tracks including “Supernova.”

The album’s title track is a retro song with added hip-hop elements, showcasing aespa’s unique style. Winter, another member of the group, expressed, “We wanted to show our true color of aespa music in this new album, which is what we are good at and what defines us.”

Despite the drama surrounding them, aespa continues to rise in the K-pop scene, with their music resonating with fans and topping charts.

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