Actress Miles Ocampo feels blessed to secure first starring role following cancer fight

In the TV series “Padyak Princess,” actress Miles Ocampo takes on the lead role of Princess, a character that left her feeling emotional and grateful. This marks Ocampo’s first time playing a lead role in a series produced by TV5, Cignal TV, and APT Entertainment.

Upon being offered the role last December, Ocampo was moved to tears and questioned if it was really meant for her. However, she embraced the opportunity and expressed gratitude to the producers for entrusting her with such a significant project.

Directed by Easy Ferrer, “Padyak Princess” follows the story of Princess, a determined young woman striving to revive her family’s reputation and her barangay’s glory days. The series airs weekdays at 11:15 a.m. starting on June 10.

Despite facing physical challenges due to her health condition, Ocampo prepared for the role, which required her to portray a “padyak” driver. She shared her struggles and adjustments to meet the demands of the character.

Ocampo also opened up about her battle with cancer and how she learned to accept and embrace her situation. She emphasized the importance of prioritizing health and regular check-ups, especially for those facing similar challenges.

Regarding her relationship with ex-boyfriend Elijah Canlas, Ocampo chose to keep things private and simply stated that they are both happy. She explained that their happiness is what matters most, and they prefer to maintain a low profile on the details of their relationship.

In conclusion, Ocampo encouraged others facing health struggles to stay positive and prioritize their well-being. She highlighted the importance of seeking medical attention and taking care of oneself, emphasizing the significance of self-awareness when it comes to personal health.

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