150 All-Female Police Recruits of Police Community Affairs and Development Group Inducted

The Chief, Philippine National Police, POLICE GENERAL RODOLFO SANTOS AZURIN, JR. is represented by The Deputy Chief PNP for Administration POLICE LIEUTENANT GENERAL RHODEL ORDEN SERMONIA, who administered the Oath of Office to 150 Newly Appointed Police Non-Commissioned Officers of the Police Community Affairs and Development Group during the ceremony in Camp BGen Rafael T. Crame, Quezon City on Friday. Subsequently, the recruits will be turned-over to the National Police Training Institute in Camp Vicente Lim, Calamba City to undergo the 6-month mandatory basic training.

The 150 newly appointed Patrolwomen shall complete the Group’s variance for the rank of Patrolman/Patrolwoman pursuant to the restructuring and strengthening of the Group under the Five-Year Development Plan. They shall be assigned, after undergoing the mandatory six months of Public Safety Basic Recruit Course (PSBRC) and another six months of Public Safety Field Training Program (PSFTP), to all the Regional Police Community Affairs and Development Units (RPCADUs) across the country to strengthen Police Community Relations (PCR) operation of the Philippine National Police and to serve as PCAD Operators based on the PCAD Master Plan “TAGATAGUYOD”, anchored to its three inter-related dimensions to accomplish its PCAD Programs, Activities and Projects (PAPs): Information Development Operations (IDO), Public Information (PI) and Community Affairs and Development (CAD).

According to PCOL PATRICK JOSEPH G ALLAN, Acting Director, Police Community Affairs and Development Group, this historic placement of the all-female recruits in a National Support Unit (NSU), and putting a high premium to their qualities as women and valuing their relevance as effective community organizers and communicators, was made possible in coordination with the PNP Recruitment and Selection Service (PRSS), granting the unfilled Attrition Quota Allocation based on the Group’s standard scholastic background and skills, such as graduates of Bachelor’s degree in the field of Communication, Language and Linguistics, and Information Communications Technology; and other desired additional qualifications, to include: writing, broadcasting, and multimedia experts/practitioners and other related skills.

We are confident that this milestone being a first in the history of PNP NSUs will spell success in our PCR operation, emphasizing that with the addition of the 150 Patrolwomen will secure the community against the forces that disrupt public safety and security, such as crime, terrorism and insurgency, and other forms of hostility, Allan said.

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