11 Reds From Central Luzon Surrender to the Police

Through strengthened anti-communist campaign of the government, police authorities in Central Luzon continuously made headway in peace initiatives following the recent surrender of 11 CPP-NPA-NDF red fighters, supporters and affiliates yesterday, January 15,2021.

PNP Chief, Police General Debold M Sinas welcomed the gesture of peace and reconciliation by the rebel returnees. “We are keeping our doors open to enlightened members of the local communist terrorist movement who wish to return to the fold of the law and lead new lives with their families,” he said.

Citing reports from PBGen Valeriano T De Leon, Central Luzon PNP Regional Director, Sinas said local authorities facilitated the voluntary surrender of the 11 communist fighters along with their firearms:

a. One (1) M-14 rifle without serial number , three (3) magazines for M-14 and thirty (30) rounds of 7.62 live ammunition
b. One (1) Blackwater M-16 rifle with defaced Serial number, one (1) magazine for m16 with 9 rounds of live cal. 5.56 ammunition;
c. One (1) Smith and Wesson cal.38 revolver without serial number with four (4) empty shells of cal.38; and
d. Two (2) more cal. 38 revolvers with serial number and without serial number, respectively

“We are now reaping the gains of local peace initiatives being pursued by the security sector in collaboration with local government units all over the country. We hope that other concerned sectors and other members of the community will channel their initiatives and support these peace endeavors of government so that we can all together achieve lasting peace for in the country,” the Chief PNP said.

RD, PRO3 will proceed to Nueva Ecija PPO on Monday January 18, 2021 for the presentation of surrenderers and at the same time distribution of financial assistance. (PIO-PNP)

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